At Wooten & Davis we are committed to working with you to achieve the best possible result in each matter.    


We understand that each client and each case are unique, and make it a priority to understand all the issues in a case, as well as the specific needs and objectives of our clients, before developing a strategy.   Immediately upon referral of any matter, our attorneys will contact you to discuss your goals for the case.  Together we will develop a strategy and plan of action that are designed to bring your case to the desired conclusion.   Whether you are looking for an early resolution to a case, or an aggressive trial strategy, we are here to serve you.    


We also believe strongly in ethical billing practices.   We do not recommend or initiate unnecessary discovery or pleadings, and we provide reports to clients only as often as requested, or as necessary to address significant developments in a case.   When appropriate, we delegate tasks to highly qualified paralegals and associates who can provide services at a lower hourly rate.


We are here for our clients and recognize that only through frequent communication between the client and handling attorney can the client's needs be identified and met.   


Whether you are a large insurance company, or a small self-insured employer,  our attorneys and staff are committed to providing the service you deserve and to keeping both your legal interests and your bottom line in mind.